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Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr. Preeti Kadu is founder and chief dentist of Kadu Dental-Orthodontic Clinic,has more than 16 years of dental practice experience.

How to Brush Properly (Step by Step Guide)

Is the proper brushing technique so important? What happens if you don’t brush your teeth properly? Let’s see.

If you don’t brush your teeth properly, there will be a lot of plaque accumulation on your teeth which can cause a dental cavity, gum infection, bad breath, bleeding gum and a lot of more problems and if left untreated this can lead to severe dental problems. So proper brushing technique is very important. If you are brushing your teeth in a wrong way then you yourself can cause damage to your teeth enamel, yes you have heard it right, a wrong brushing technique leads to tooth damage, tooth enamel damage; which we called as Abrasion. Abrasion is an area where you have a lot of sensitivity to the cold things as well as hot things. This area is more prone to dental cavity. So it is always better to learn a proper brushing technique.

Use a soft type of toothbrush. Take toothpaste on your brush and close the teeth and move toothpaste to both sides of your jaw. Hold your toothbrush at 45°angulation to your gums. Then move it in a slightly to and fro motion towards the teeth. The Same action you have to do for all the teeth. You have to do the same action starting from the right side of your jaw to the left side of your jaw for all the upper teeth. Same is for the lower teeth, always start from gums towards the teeth. Once you finish all the outer surfaces of your teeth, you should clean the top surfaces of your teeth in either a round motion or a horizontal motion both of these can be done. Same is for the upper teeth either a round motion or a horizontal motion. Most of the people make mistake that they brush their teeth in a backward and forward motion, this is totally a wrong technique because as you can see when you are brushing with this technique the plaque between the two teeth cannot be just clean with this technique on the contrary if you are brushing like this the prominent surfaces of your teeth will get wear and so you will have an enamel damage in this area, so you need to improve your brushing technique.

Clean your teeth from inside. Always start from the gums and move towards the teeth. In the same manner, you have to clean your upper back teeth as shown.  Another important area is the backside of your teeth or the backmost teeth i.e your wisdom tooth. Hold your toothbrush then close your mouth. Closing your mouth can help loosen your cheeks so that you have a lot of space to move your brush. And this will clean the entire backside of your most backed teeth properly. This is the area which is prone for dental cavities so make sure to clean this area properly.

          Clean your front teeth properly. Most people have a habit of brushing their teeth as shown. Now, this is a wrong technique. What will you do is make your brush vertical, touch your brush to the gums and then bring it towards the teeth. Again in the same manner from gums to the teeth. So your entire area of the inside part of your upper teeth will get clean properly. Same you have to do with the lower teeth. Always start from the gums to the teeth in this fashion. Now, this is a very crucial area and you should clean it properly because these are the teeth with the most slender roots. So if there is any gum infection in this region or any more loss in this region these will be the first teeth to fall down. So you should always take care in this area. After cleaning your teeth properly, you should clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. 

So following this proper brushing technique will definitely help you to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

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