Tooth Jewellery

A fantastic smile can make a massive difference in the way we look and feel.

If you can wear jewels in your ears, why not on your teeth? Why pierce an ear when you can bond the jewel to a tooth? Tooth Jewellery is made of 18K white & yellow gold. Tooth Jewellery uses classic designs which are an elegant complement to standard Jewellery. When placed on a tooth, the Jewellery creates a distinctive expression of one’s individuality.

Tooth Jewellery is applied by using a small amount of adhesive, like the application of orthodontic braces. The backside of Tooth Jewellery is specially patented to maintain adherence to the tooth, allowing the Jewellery to be worn indefinitely. However, it can easily be removed or replaced by your dentist. The application of Tooth Jewellery is cosmetic dentistry and does not harm the tooth in any way. Twinkles are safe, reversible, exclusive body art that leaves no permanent mark, letting you display a fun, personal form of self-expression with a great sense of style.