Gum Treatment

Most common causes of gum diseases are Gingivitis, Periodontitis.

Gum diseases are caused by improper or inadequate brushing. This will lead to the formation of tooth deposits. The initially formed deposits are thin, soft, yellowish-white in color; this is called dental plaque. The dental plaque will harden over time to form tartar or dental calculus. Calculus cannot be removed by brushing and requires professional removal. Plaque and calculus are initially formed on the tooth surface outside the gums. Subsequently, these will extend under the gums. The action of the harmful bacteria present in these deposits will lead to infection of the gums. This is called gingivitis.

At this stage, the disease is confined only to the gums without affecting the underlying bone. If gingivitis is not treated in time, it will lead to detachment of the gums from the tooth, creating a space between the gums and the tooth known as a pocket, this is called periodontitis. And subsequently, teeth will start shaking, sensitivity with cold food is present. Some time pus discharge, foul smell and painful swelling are present. If not treated, the disease can progress to such an extent that the tooth will fall off.

Treatment of Gingivitis: Excellent dental hygiene is an essential part of maintaining a fresh and healthy smile At Dr. Kadu’s Dental clinic, your visit will include:


  • Assessment of your gum health
  • Assessment of your current oral hygiene
  • Full ultrasonic tooth cleaning to remove all tartar
  • Stain removal using a high-power, mildly abrasive water jet
  • Polishing to remove all plaque build-up
  • Oral hygiene guidance to assist you in maintaining the best oral health


In some cases, tartar causes abnormal growth of gums; treatment of this included surgery of gums.

Periodontal Treatments: It includes surgical and non-surgical procedures to remove the causative bacteria, and educate the patient how to prevent disease progression. Occasionally further treatment may be needed to re-contour the gums or repair the bone where possible.

Gingival Depigmentation Cosmetic Procedure.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride treatments are advised when teeth are sensitive to cold & hot foods. Fluoride treatment not only reduces sensitivity but also seal small cracks to limit future decay. We stock a wide range of oral health care products to help you maintain good oral health between your visits.