Braces (Orthodontic) Treatment

A million-dollar smile is globally welcomed. Beautiful teeth radiate character, attractiveness and liveliness. They provide you with self-confidence, charisma and self-assurance.

Reasons for orthodontic treatment:

  • Straightening crooked teeth.
  • Correction of habit like thumb sucking, lip biting, mouth breathing etc.
  • Correction of lip & nose position along with teeth repositioning.
  • Correction of abnormal jaw position or abnormal jaw growth.

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean so more deposits form on teeth. This subsequently leads to gum diseases can reduce the life of teeth. Bite problem due to crooked teeth impairs the function of jaw leads to excessive strain on muscles of the jaw and even jaw and head pain. Orthodontic treatment is more comfortable and works more quickly when carried out on children.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Age 6 Years To 12 Years

  • Trainer for kids
  • Myobrace, other different types of trainers.

Age 12 Years To 50 Years

  • Fixed braces: Metallic braces, Ceramic (teeth coloured) braces, Lingual (invisible) braces,Advanced fixed braces
  • Trainers for adult
  • Clear aligner

Self Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are an advanced type of braces. It is available in metal & ceramic braces.

Self-ligating braces are braces with the component to trap the wire on its own.

Advantages of self-ligating braces

  • They are more comfortable than traditional braces, less pressure & friction are placed on the tooth.
  • Self-ligating braces move crooked teeth more quickly than conventional braces, so the amount of treatment time will be less than traditional braces.
  • In self-ligating braces, there are no rubber bands so the amount of food lodgment & plaque will be less. It is easy to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Self-ligating braces are smaller in size so less noticeable than traditional braces.

The most popular self-ligating braces are Damon Braces, Speed Braces, AO, 3M.

Both metal & ceramic self-ligating braces are available.