Dr.Preeti Kadu

Specialist in Orthodontic
(Braces Treatment)
Specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry

Crown Bridges & Dentures


A crown, sometimes known as a cap, is used to artificially restore the strength and natural shape of a tooth. They are most often used to restore broken teeth, or teeth that have been weakened by decay or a large filling. Crowns are also used to improve the appearance of teeth with discoloured fillings, protect teeth that had root canal treatment, or to hold a bridge or denture in place.crowns are of complete metal,metal with ceramic,all ceramic (metal free).

Metal Ceramic crowns normally contain a metal core which is either non precious metal or precious Gold - Palladium alloy , over which ceramic is added.These crowns exhibit colour nearest to the natural tooth of an individual . However these type of crowns are used for the front teeth ,they gives a bluish tinge near the gum line which is not esthetic. This drawback can be overcome by replacing them with METAL-FREE CERAMIC CROWNS(E-max, Empress) which is devoid of the metal core thereby improving the appearance of the crown.

Your dentist has to prepare the tooth to fit the crown.This involves removing most of the outer surface of the tooth, and then taking a mould of the tooth to be crowned and the tooth opposite.If you have had root canal treatment, you may require a post crown, which involves inserting a post into the tooth which will help to hold the crown in place.


Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Although partial dentures can be used, if only one or two teeth are missing, and your remaining teeth are strong and have good bone support, your dentist will normally suggest a bridge. Missing teeth cause gaps. As well as not looking very nice, the teeth either side of the gap will be placed under greater strain, and food and bacteria can get lodged in the gap, creating a risk of decay and gum disease. Therefore it is important that any gaps are filled as quickly as possible, either using false teeth or a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge is created by holding a false tooth in place with crowns on the teeth at either side. The crowns will be bonded into place with very strong adhesive, holding the false tooth between them in the gap. Your teeth will look natural and straight, will be well supported, and the risk of decay and gum disease will be greatly reduced.