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Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr. Preeti Kadu is founder and chief dentist of Kadu Dental-Orthodontic Clinic,has more than 16 years of dental practice experience.

Infection Control Protocol During COVID-19 at Dr. Kadu Orthodontic and Dental Clinic, Pune

We are back in our service and serving patients from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. We will soon resume our original timings. As in times of COVID-19, you may have difficulty in getting your dental treatment done, we are back with our
commitment to provide you with excellent treatment, and following all infection control procedures.

Safety Measures for Patients

  • To avoid crowding and to avoid mismanagement, all appointments at our clinic are pre-booked.
  • At the doorstep, hand sanitization and feet sanitization is done.
  • The patient is then checked for temperature and oxygen saturation level using thermometer and pulse oximeter respectively.
  • The patient is given a COVID-19 form to fill up at every visit.
  • We use disposable drapes and head cap for every new patient.
  • we maintain social distancing by blocking few chairs in the waiting area and also give appointment to only one or two patient at a time to prevent crowding in waiting area.
  • Patient should come alone without any companion except the small kid and senior citizen if possible .
  • We ask daily for patients and their family member about cold ,cough, fever or difficulty in breathing.
  • We ask for any contact with Covid positive patient in a society
  • We many times ask for picture of their teeth before appointment and plan for a better treatment.
  • Scrubbing of patient’s face is done with the disinfectant solution like povidin Iodine before starting dental procedure.
  • HEPA filter is used for air purification.
  • ALL steps of instrument disinfecting , sterilization and storage are followed .

Safety Measures for Doctors/ Staff

  • As for patients, we also check the temperature and oxygen saturation of every staff at our clinic, daily.
  • Once after entering the clinic premises, our staff is supposed to wear their scrubs and head cap compulsorily.
  • Every staff member has been provided with their own set of scrub, surgical gown, PPE kits, and face shield.
  • For any general procedure such as consultation, the staff is supposed to be in their scrubs and surgical gowns. For any procedures that include the use of aerosols such as root canal treatment or surgery, the staff is supposed to put on their PPE kits.
  • We have made it compulsory to wear double mask for every staff member.
  • All Doctors wear N95 mask.
  • Frequent sanitization is done for entire rooms.
  • HEPA filter is fitted for air Purification.

Patients corporation is important for infection control . Instruction to patient During covid-19.

  1. Make sure you take appointment prior to visiting clinic.
  2. Please follow your appointment time.
  3. Prior to your visit Brush your teeth, use mouthwash , wear Face mask and wash your hands.
  4. Wear Your face mask all time when present in Clinic .
  5. For females don’t wear ornaments, rings and tie your hairs.
  6. Don’t carry unnecessary things or baggage to clinic.
  7. Dont touch anything unnecessary in clinic.
  8. Read IDA consent form and fill it with accurate information.
  9. Maintain Social distancing.
  10. Preferably no accompanied person with the patient, except with Kids and senior citizens.
  11. Preferably Dont use lift , come by staircase .
  12. Preferably Come directly to clinic from your home.
  13. You should follow appointment time and instructions strictly.
  14. Patient should Call and take appointment for visiting clinic.
  15. Dr Kadu Dental Orthodontic Clinic.


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