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Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr. Preeti Kadu is founder and chief dentist of Kadu Dental-Orthodontic Clinic,has more than 16 years of dental practice experience.

Differences Between Teeth Scaling and Teeth Whitening

Many patients get confused with Teeth Scaling and Teeth Whitening. These
are totally different treatment procedures.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and cleaning of the teeth is process of removing plaque and tartar
around the teeth .With this procedure gums and the teeth will become firm
and strong .

Scaling is done by ultrasonic scaler.It is an electric device , it has tips which
vibrate at high frequency to remove plaque and tarter.

Plaque is sticky and transparent layer which form on teeth. It is made up of
bacteria, sugars and acids released by bacteria. This plaque become hard
over a time and is called tarter. Plaque and tarter causes infection in gums
which left untreated can lead to periodontal infection ( Periodontitis). In
severe stages of Periodontitis there is major bone loss around teeth causing
teeth to fall down at early age. Plaque and tartar also cause cavities in teeth.
Scaling and polishing removes plaque and tarter and help the teeth and
gums to keep healthy.

This is a routine procedure , Every 6 to 8 month it should be performed by
everyone. Those who are prone for teeth cavities or gum infections may
require scaling and root planing more frequently .When there is bleeding
from the gums, bad odour or any signs of gums infection it is first step to be
performed. It requires 30 to 50 min on an average. In very severe cases
more than 1 sittings might be required. In cases of periodontitis along with
deep scaling , root planing, Laser curettage and some surgical procedures
may be necessary.
Dental Scaling and polishing remove plaque and tarter so it prevent cavities
in your teeth and keep gums healthy.
Laser curettage is common procedure done at Dr. Kadu Dental &
Orthodontic Clinic , in mild to moderate cases of gum infections.

Teeth Whitening/ Teeth Bleaching

Teeth whitening is procedure to make your teeth brighter.

In teeth Whitening your teeth will be 3 to 8 shade white than your original
tooth colour. It uses different type of a bleaching solution like carbamide
peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Bleaching treatment requires 30 to 60 min.,
it may be single sitting or some time 2 to 3 sittings.

Dangerous' home teeth-whitening kits sold online - BBC News

You have two options Office Bleaching or Home bleaching. In office
bleaching, bleaching solutions used are higher concentrations than used in
Home bleaching techniques.

If you have more serious dental staining or very yellow teeth, the best teeth
whitening treatment is one performed by your dentist. Laser bleaching is
one of the most common in-office whitening treatments offered by the Dr.
Kadu Dental and Orthodontic Clinic.

During the procedure, a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth, and
then a special laser will be aimed at your smile to activate the bleaching
product. Dramatic results can be seen in as little as one appointment.

People want to perform Teeth Whitening, who want to attend social events
like wedding, party etc. and want to look beautiful with bright smile.
Basically bleaching is elective Cosmetic procedure, doesn’t play any role in
strengthening your teeth or gums. While teeth scaling is prophylactic
procedure to keep your gums and teeth healthy and it is useful for
treatment of gums diseases.

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