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Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr Preeti Kadu

Dr. Preeti Kadu is founder and chief dentist of Kadu Dental-Orthodontic Clinic,has more than 16 years of dental practice experience.

Dental Tips for Kids

Being a parent is a tough job, parents need to take care of every small thing related to kids. One area that really is critical for them is taking care of their teeth. Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of a child’s overall health, but it’s one that is often neglected.

The proper care of permanent teeth, in particular, is extremely important to your child’s overall oral hygiene. While permanent teeth start forming at the ages of 0-3 yrs. They start erupting at 6yrs of age. So parents need to take care of kids nutrition for proper development of permanent tooth bud. When the first tooth erupts in mouth oral hygiene maintenance should start. Following are a few tips for parents.

Good  Eating Habits & Limit Sugars

To stay healthy, children need a well-balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy and lean proteins. Most of this food including fruit, vegetables and milk, have some type of sugar, which can contribute to tooth decay. To monitor the amount of sugar that you’re giving your children, it’s best to read labels on food and beverages and attempt to buy items that are low in sugar. This is especially the case with beverages, where sugar content can be extremely high. Select beverages like water that offer great hydration properties, and also contribute to proper nutrition. Monitor amount of water intake of kids, less intake of water can also lead to increase dental problems.

Daily Dental Care

Proper brushing technique should be used. Two times brushing and proper rinsing mouth after each meal reduces chances of cavities and gums problem. Permanent teeth begin to erupt when children reach around 6 years of age – permanent teeth are often neglected at this stage, because parents and children may not realize that these teeth are erupting behind a child’s primary teeth.  Because these new permanent teeth are not noticed, they are not properly brushed

Regular Dental Visit

A regular visit to the dentist can help you to maintain proper dental health. Some cavities, if present can be treated at an early stage and root canal treatment of kids teeth can be avoided. Permanent tooth crowding, jaw disorder, future gums problems, orthodontic problems can be addressed at an early stage by the orthodontist  and preventive or interceptive treatment can be given. Many complicated dental procedures can be avoided if proper treatment at early ages is given to kids.

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