Dr.Preeti Kadu

Specialist in Orthodontic
(Braces Treatment)
Specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry

Children's Dentistry - Pedodontia

Space Maintainer: The milk teeth guide the permanent set of teeth to erupt in a proper direction. In case of early loss of these teeth by decay or trauma, the space has to be preserved by space maintainers thereby directing the erupting permanent teeth to their normal position.

Habit Breaking Appliance: Oral habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, lip biting cause malalignment of teeth.This can be treated by simple haibit breaking appliances.For such myofuncional oral hibts myofunctional trainers are also best option.

Correction of crook teeth:

1) Trainers

2) Other removable type of appliances

Trainers : These Traines not only correct habit but also correct malaligned teeth ,helps other permanant teeth to erupt in correct position assist in correcting abnormal jaw growth.( for more details see- Braces(orthodontic) treatment. )